How to Fix a Kindle Fire Boot Loop or what to do when Kindle Fire is stuck on “System Recovery” ?

The Kindle Fire is so much more than just an e-reader, but when yours is stuck in a boot loop it becomes an expensive paperweight. If your Kindle seems to be perpetually stuck at the boot screen and never fully boots up, there are various methods you can use to attempt to resuscitate the device. Whether it’s a hard reset or using free downloadable utilities that works for your device, you will be back to reading your favorite e-books in no time.

Boot Loop Definition and Causes

The Kindle Fire runs on the Android operating system, like many other tablets and phones. An Android boot loop occurs when an errant line of code prevents the device from completing its boot cycle. The result is a device that attempts to boot up the operating system, fails, and tries to boot again in an endless loop. Boot loops often occur after installing a software update — official or custom, or trying to run an app that is incompatible with your Kindle.

Try a Reset First

Before attempting drastic measures, it’s possible your Kindle may just need a reset. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then release. Wait for the Kindle to power off completely, then press the power button momentarily to restart it. If the Kindle goes right back into the boot loop, try charging it for 30 minute to an hour, then attempting the reset again. Choose either a soft or hard reset(factory default). A soft reset will not erase any secure passwords, or delete any digital books. Soft resets are mainly for making your Kindle run faster, or resetting a frozen home screen. A hard reset will delete all data, and restore your Kindle to factory settings. This is a last resort measure, meant for Kindles experiencing large-scale glitches, continuously frozen screens, internal damage, etc. If you have already repeatedly tried a soft reset, it maybe time to give a hard reset a try. Amazon offers great customer service as well, which can help you decide on which option is best for you. If you have accidentally dropped your Kindle, or dunked it in water, it maybe best to hand your Kindle off to a professional. Amazon offers a free replacement if you are still inside of your warranty period. If you are outside of the warranty period, they can send you a refurbished Kindle at a discounted price

Charge up your Kindle

This is critical for either a soft or a hard reset. Plug your Kindle in using the power cord which came with your device. Make sure the battery bar at the top of your home screen is completely filled up. Once the battery is charged, remove the Kindle from the power cord. You will need your Kindle to be have at least forty percent battery life in order to perform a hard reset. Back up any crucial passwords and files. When you wipe your Kindle, you will lose everything that you put on it. Content that you purchased through Amazon will remain linked to your account and can be re-downloaded. However, third-party e-books and apps need to be saved separately. This can be done by attaching your Kindle to your laptop by using a USB cord. You will want to click drag everything over to special folder in your downloads section.

Third Party Recovery Utilities

If a reset fails to resolve the boot loop, there are some third-party utilities you can try. But note that using any third-party utility like this will most likely void your warranty with Amazon and possibly cause more problems with the device than already exist, so use them at your own risk. The Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility (link in Resources) is a program that automates recovery procedures that would normally be performed in the command line, making recovery a simpler process. Connect your Fire, launch the utility, select “Stuck at logo” from the initial dialog box and follow the prompts. The Kindle Fire Utility (link in Resources), a more advanced interface that runs at the command-line, is used to install recovery software directly on to the device, allowing you to fix the boot loop now and in the future should one occur again. Kindle Fire Utility works with first generation Kindle Fires only, and will not work correctly on any other version of the Kindle Fire.

Return to Sender

If all else fails, contact Amazon through their customer service department and describe your problem. If the Kindle is still under warranty, a repair or replacement may be offered. Outside of warranty, a charge may apply for restoring the device to working order.

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