Review Of The Amazon Kindle 2 Vs. Sony Reader Prs-700

A pair of the hottest information readers on current market in 2009 become the Amazon Kindle 1 . 5 and the Sony Reader PRS-700. Both ebook readers bring the user a phenomenal reading experience, on the level that has not yet been seen preceding. Anyone who is new returning to ebook readers yet who wants purchase one needs to read the following comparison of the Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader. This will show you how to choose between them as well as how they compare.


Of course the value tag is one associated the biggest parameters in any computer device so read on compare them first. The Amazon Kindle 2 is now priced at $359, whereas the Sony models Reader is the perfect little more expensive at $399. Assuming that you want – judge on offering price then the Kindle is the winner, saving $40.

Size and Weight

The size and a few pounds of these instruments don’t really show one distinct effect over the various. The Sony Book lover PRS-700 weighs around 10 oz., usually the Kindle 2 mainly slightly over that. The Sony Reader is a minute wider and thicker, while the Kindle is a two inches longer. With any case, both equally are very convenient to carry over.


Currently the weight of either the Amazon Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader PRS-700 are very close matched. The Sony Reader is fully 10 oz and a little light than the Kindle 2. In tenure of size, the type of Amazon Kindle only two is slimmer than the Sony Subscriber. The PRS-700 is certainly wider and people who have coarse than the Kindle , but this is minimal. For such they really are both very convenient for everyday try and don’t require much space up to carry.

The now necessary wireless Capabilities

The Kindle 2 owns a major convenience that the The sony laptops Reader does not actually. This is seeing that the Kindle has wireless capabilities because it makes use of the Whispernet technology. This gives you access to expense wireless coverage in the US via Sprint’s 3G very high speed network – the Sony Reader does not develop this functionality. This fact is really one of the main buying factors with respect to the Kindle 2, and something which the Sony just can’t compete with. 1 with a Kindle 2 can make your mind up from 240,000 ebooks, magazines, blogs and magazines from the exact Kindle library. This method is a very big library that that particular Sony users would not have. You actually can also easy access this library together with anytime with wireless functionality. Because each Sony PRS-700 achieves have wireless capabilities, users can solitary access 100,000 on the internet which have each limited rage found in subject matter.

Established Formats

The 2 the Amazon Kindle 2 and The Reader PRS-700 cushioning the most general file formats, but the Kindle does not support E-book document which is certainly very inconvenient. You will need toward email the Pdf to Kindle support and have it all converted if you want to implementation it. The Sony Reader is nicer than the Kindle 2 in this approach respect.

Storage devices Capacity

Usually the Kindle 2 would hold 2GB of internal memory, at the same time the PRS-700 can hold 250mb. However, where the The sony laptops Reader really is shiny is by installing memory cards. A person’s Kindle 2 may allow the turn to of external memory cards. The The sony laptops Reader can reinforce 16GB of outdoor memory which can be really convenient on people who really like to carry heaps of information from them.

Wide variety Life and Charge Time

The two of them of the on the web have the truly statistics when the game comes to battery life, with both the able to look into for 2 quite a few on one large charge. The real difference here will that the Kindle 2 can end up used with handheld turned on, what type means that the battery life ‘s reduced to many days of life-style. The charge some amount of time for both i would say the Sony and Kindle 2 is a pair hours. You definitely need an Alternating current wall charger plus USB device. That this USB device usually 4 hours so that it will charge. Both e book readers’ score equal points on particular test.

Ones Bottom Line 2011 Comparison of the Amazon Kindle dual vs Sony publication Reader:

Although it’s not your own total knock online for the Kindle over the Sony models Reader, it’s close in proximity! The Amazon Kindle 2 remains that this better ebook human being hands-down. The price, breadth of content, wireless capabilities, and furthermore overall design messages of the Amazon Kindle 2nd era makes it the particular clear winner about the Sony Reader 700.